Excellence Suites

REIS Excellence Suites are comprehensive corporate solutions for business compliance, innovation and digital transformation. It is an integrated GPRC (Governance, Performance, Risk, and Compliance) solutions package, offering practicable and unique capabilities required for maintaining sustainable, efficient, and effective operational practices. VABISS provides organizations with a tool that offers a ‘Single source of truth’ for a holistic and complete business overview.

Align your strategy, risks, compliance requirements, and performance, all within a single platform.  With REIS Excellence Suites, interconnected applications in a single workplace replaces many isolated management systems that address only a few aspects of business management, leading to costly delays, inefficiencies and errors caused by duplicated functionality, lack of visibility and inconsistent information. 

Become more resilient and AGILE.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Internal Contol and Compliance

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Audit and Investigation

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Strategic Management

Project Portfolio Management

Quality Management

Information Security Management

Critical Assets Management

Business Continuity Management

Occupational Health and Safety Management

Food Safety Management

Environmental and Energy Management


Improving operational efficiency

Enhancing financial performance

Well-informed better decision making

Increased customer satisfaction

Improved risk and compliance management

Advancing continuous improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the solution, however, typically an ‘out of the box’ offering with standard configuration can take as little as four weeks to install and have you up and running.

REIS is a browser-based software delivered and hosted in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. If you’d rather host it on premises, you can do that too! We offer flexible deployment options – REIS SaaS, on premise, or in the public cloud (e.g. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud).

Yes, REIS supports multiple languages. It has translation & localization features.

REIS delivers powerful enterprise GRC management platform at the lowest TCO. You may easily request a price quote and compare it with other vendors providing similar solutions.

REIS supports data integration from a wide range of sources, including Excel, CSV, SQL, Web-Services and more. Unifying your data into a single source of truth and making it accessible to those who need it, when they need it, leads to improved communication, streamlined operations, better decision making, and company-wide transparency.