Corporate Social Responsibility

WHAT IS "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)"?

A management concept known as “corporate social responsibility” encourages businesses to incorporate social and environmental considerations into their daily operations and relationships with stakeholders. Generally speaking, CSR refers to a company’s efforts to balance its commitments to economic, environmental, and social goals while also meeting stakeholder and shareholder expectations (sometimes known as the “Triple-Bottom-Line Approach”).

As was made obvious above, CSR extends beyond adhering to legal requirements. It is a voluntary idea, and organizations are in charge of it. Through collaboration with all stakeholders, it maximizes the generation of shared value and makes sure that the interests of the organization and the interests of larger society are mutually supportive.


We define Corporate Social Responsibility as a constant promise to operate with great regard to the quality of life of our employees, the local communities where we operate and society at large. We are committed to do business in an ethical manner that yields long-term, sustainable benefits for all our stakeholders.

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy is still in effect and directs our efforts in the following areas:

  • Create sustainable benefits for stakeholders
  • Minimize our environmental impact, both directly and through what we do for our stakeholders
  • Staff benefits and development support
  • Ensuring our own economic viability and independence
  • Improve positive impacts and reduce negative impacts on the communities where we live and work
  • Building partnerships with suppliers
  • Continuously evolve governance and transparency


Our commitment, as outlined in this Statement, must be regularly evaluated and changed to reflect the most recent sustainability needs and expectations. This responsibility falls to the management team of VABISS, under the direction of its CEO.

The management team will periodically review our supporting policies and procedures, along with the monitoring and management systems that go along with them, to make sure they adhere to the letter and spirit of this statement. If they don’t, we’ll make the necessary changes right away and let the staff know.