Technology solutions that lead business to sustainability and prosperity

VABISS is a privately owned IT solutions and services business formed in 2010. Today, our company owns the solid competence and facilities to implement, customize and support highly accessible and reliable technology platforms, which aimed to help you optimize time and resources and be maximally focused on business targets accomplishment. While our software implementation services are an essential part of our solutions, our commitment goes far beyond that. It’s always been more than just software.  What drives our success – and the success of our customers.

Our Vision

VABISS is an essential part of its customers’ prosperity, collaborating as like-minded partners and sharing the joy of technology in use.And VABISS’s team has consisted of the best professionals in the field motivated to share the success and being proud of the influence that we make on the business environment.

Our Mission

To be the Partner-of-Choice for the business striving to build organizational efficiency and sustainable growth, devoting our best knowledge and competencies, ultimately generating positive and sustainable impact on the regional economy and society.

Our values

We built our values from the foundation of business and use them as the guidelines for the path of it, for day-to-day decisions and activities, for the selection of partners and teammates.

No “nonsense”

Offer clients only fit-for-purpose solutions and leave out what is not relevant.

Exceeding expectations

When working with a client never cut corners and go the extra mile when needed.


Work efficiently and do not waste client’s time or financial resources!


Do “the right thing” rather than “the easy thing” and behave ethically.


Deliver the highest quality and keep the performance bar raising continually.


Leverage the power of the collective mind and embrace the synergy of teamwork.

Our Culture

We promote an inclusive, friendly, team-based, supportive and high-performing culture, that lets our people be the best they can be and delivers exceptional results to our clients. We are principled. We are accountable. We are engaged. We are flexible and adapt quickly to changing needs. We believe that empathy and respect are part of professionalism.

Our Commitment

We are committed to adapting to the changing world, demand, trends and tools to bring the best to our clients. We are committed to creating tangible and sustainable value for our customers.
We are committed to looking beyond just delivering technology; we look at a total package of project management, optimal implementation, training, consultation and support.