Discover a holistic, systems-driven approach to strategic planning, execution and performance management.

What is CAMMS Strategy?

CAMMS Strategy uniquely enables organizations like yours to align people and processes by empowering anyone to actively partake in enterprise strategy execution – from individual tasks and actions, to departmental or overarching organizational goals. Experience a single platform for all your strategy management needs – from planning to execution, tracking and performance evaluation. Designed for the many, not the few, it empowers people throughout an organization to measure, monitor and act on corporate strategy with ease – from the CEO to the operations team. It provides a clear golden thread that uniquely shows how actions and individuals link to larger strategic aims.

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Years experience


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End user satisfaction


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Why CAMMS Strategy?

  • Visible Plans

    It downs the strategy from goals to outcomes, actions and tasks, maps them to the appropriate level of staff and provides an opportunity to measure the performance by KPIs and dashboards.

  • Measure & Monitor

    Reports and dashboards serve user to easily trace the progress of each task, unit, project. Using KPIs and scorecards keeps it efficient and transparent for all level of organization.

  • Drives Accountability

    It gives people all the tools and guidelines to measure, monitor and act at their area of responsibility and bring it in one place for the best performance.

  • Easy-to-use – for everyone

    Enjoy an immersive user experience with CAMMS Strategy’s clean, intuitive interface. Modern, instinctive navigation enables you to get more done with fewer clicks.

  • Industry Recognition

    The leading independent assessor, Gartner, put our solution into Magic Quadrant for leading Cloud Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions in 2017.

  • Cloud-based and scalable

    Take advantage of our fully managed cloud-based service and forget deployment and ongoing maintenance headaches.


CAMMS Strategy brings a unique range of benefits

  • Improved Engagement

    By empowering all levels of organization with the simplified approach to strategy planning, execution and performance monitoring, our solution increases the engagement of all resources and especially commitment of personnel.

  • Improved Reporting

    Improve the quality and breadth of your reporting capacity. Capture any data you need to report against in one central repository, with senior management enjoying the benefits and reporting taking less staff time.

  • Maximized ROI

    CAMMS Strategy provides reasonable prices against other market leaders – no other piece of software has the equivalent functionality to handle large and complex plans and strategies.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Our solution provides a platform that cumulates organizational efforts on moving towards strategic targets in the smoothest way by avoiding bottlenecks and redundancies of the process.


Simple. Clean. User-friendly. Informative.