Our Services

We look beyond just delivering solution; we look at the total package of project management, optimal delivery, training, consultation and support.


Our comprehensive implementation service ensures the effective implementation of all our solutions in line with client requirements and expectations; allowing you to reap the benefits of your chosen solution on schedule and effectively.


Improve user adoption of new processes, roles, calendars and change by following a structured training. We help your organization to increase understanding and efficiencies of your new solution and processes by leveraging proven training templates and role-based content.

Support and Maintenance

Whether a new user is just starting out with one of our solutions or an experienced long-term client, our support and maintenance team is here to help with your specific queries and requirements ensuring you take full advantage of our value adding solutions.


We acknowledge that “not one size fits all” – which is precisely why we offer customization as a service. From tweaking a report to include a field – to building completely new functionality, our team is capable of ensuring your unique needs are met.

IS Audit

Effective IS Audit helps and guides businesses towards better IT processes and procedures, and increases transparency, traceability and maturity of information security management, by providing an overview of the current state of information system.

Change Management

The addition of change management to any initiative improves success and allows a team to adopt new processes, roles and alignment more rapidly. We can help you to define change management program, stakeholder analysis and communication plan.