IT Service Management (ITSM)

Powerful. Simple to use. Easy to implement. Affordable.

What is ITSM?

Advance your organizational productivity across departments, with our effective IT service management solution. ITSM provides you with everything you need for efficient IT service management. Use our time and cost efficient IT Service Management Tool, optimize team and individual performance and improve service delivery. Get the results fast and smart.



  • Asset Management

    Maintain and manage the costs and risks associated with the assets to make the product more readily available, easier to produce and cheaper to ship to customers.

  • Incident  Management

    Track incidents and actions consistently by improving an analysis and reporting to get a healthier service and a successful team.

  • IT operations Add-ons

    Create a rich database set with the help of this feature for direct analysis. Enrich data by using other information sources for better IT operations.

  • Request fulfilment

    Even the simplest phone-in gets logged at your service desk. IT service staff can select pre-populated ticket templates based on service needs, generating instant productivity and reducing client aggravation.

  • Service Catalog Management

    Provide and maintain the single source of information on all operations across your business to ensure that its widely available for those who is supposed to access it.

  • Change Management

    Plan changes with your Online  ITSM solution and let relevant members evaluate and approve changes. Analyze and mitigate risks by assessing new changes before its rolled out.

  • CMDB

    Maintain a complete repository of all the assets in the organizations with in-depth visibilty into how they are connected to each other. 

  • IT Financial Management

    Control the income and expenditure within the organization and monitor your current budget to avoid expensive mistakes.

  • Service level Management

    Enable better understanding between IT and business units to set more accurate service quality bu simply using Service Level Management Tool.


ITSM brings a unique range of benefits

  • Service Management Report

    Pre-defined reports can be used in order to see current situation and historical information. It also helps to see performance of IT team.

  • Agent Based scanning

    Discover all your hardware and software assets by scheduling automated asset discovery. Keep your IT inventory up to date and track your hardware and software automatically.

  • Integrated remote control tool

    Integrated remote control tool is enabled on Helpdesk  screen. Helpdesk  agent easily connect to requester screen without any additional license.

  • Incident request templates

    IT service staff can select pre-populated  ticket templates based on service needs, generating instant productivity and reducing client aggravation.

  • Help desk

    Make distribution of inbound requests simple and informative with the email-to-ticket conversion. Or capture, analyze, and report time-related KPI data for every service request ticket by simply using time-tracking option.


Simple. Clean. User-Friendly. Informative.