Financial Planning and Budget Management (FPPM)

Planning, Analytics and Reporting for integrated FPBM across the business.

What is JEDOX?

JEDOX is a Financial Planning and Budget Management Software that makes planning consistent in every organization, on every device, whenever the data resides. It helps businesses to build future success with shorter budget cycles, more accurate plans and deeper insights.

Whether sales, finance, human resources, marketing or procurement – All business units get a shared view on all relevant financial and operational data.





End user satisfaction


End user satisfaction


  • Excel-friendly

    Eliminate the disadvantages of Excel without loosing the advantages. Easily transfer existing excel solutions to JEDOX web and mobile applications and continue working in excel environment.

  • Intelligent

    Use artificial intelligence to support smarter planning, analysis and reporting. Better prepare your data for analysis  in making more accurate forecasts or in identifying unique customer trends.

  • Agile

    Think big, start small, execute quickly. Optimize value creation step-by-step with measurable benefits. Achieve success in days instead of weeks with  lightweight JEDOX solution.

  • Unified

    Control your entire value chain with one unified software – JEDOX. Improve holistic management of your company in a unified process with less complexity. Save your time.

  • Value for money

    Take an advantage of the best combination of cost, quality and sustainability for the future success of your company.

  • In the cloud or on premises service

    Manage your business from anywhere and anytime with the effective tool of JEDOX and bring value to your company.


JEDOX allows you to plan, analyze, report on ONE integrated EPM software platform

  • ONE Integrated Platform

    This solution delivers budgeting, planning and forecasting combined with intuitive dashboards in one integrated software platform. Different users create integrated plans and reports based on the same data.

  • Remove Risks From Your Spreadsheets

    ExcelPlus function of JEDOX allows you to convert your spreadsheets to an enterprise-class solution with a fast-in memory database, controlled access, workflows and seamless data.

  • Connect Seamlessly To Any İT Platform

    Jedox integrates seamlessly to any İT platform. By using the powerful ETL tool, JEDOX integrator, you can easily connect to any data source in the cloud or on- premises.

  • Enable Granular Data Governance

    You have control over access to sensitive information and data governance at the most granular level – down to a single cell in the database. This ensures you that only valid data have been used for decision-making.

  • Leverage Industry Expertise with pre-built applications

    Use the best practice pre-built applications for finance, sales, human resources and other departments that leverage industry expertise from around the world.

  • Drive Future Success By Collaborating

    JEDOX “Unified View” ensures smooth access to the same information and dashboards from any device. It uses the power of collaboration to drive future success – anytime, anywhere.


Simple. Clean. Friendly-use. Informative.